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Most pump manufacturers recommend a 30 to 40 weight non-detergent turbine oil for its high flash point and low fly ash content.  Some manufacturers, such as Fruitland, allow the use of motor oil in their pumps under warranty, but most do not. Most pump manufacturers will void your warranty if the use of additives, such as oil tint or scent is present, or if the wrong oil type is used, so keep all of this in mind when purchasing oil for your pump.  

Armstrongs Oil MSDS
Masports Oil recommendations
Masport Oil MSDS

Primary & Secondary Shutoffs, Tank Accessories in Santa Fe Springs, CA


Proper grounding and bonding of your tank truck is essential for the safe operation of your equipment.

We recommend American Reeling Devices' heavy-duty, static discharge reels to take the spark out of your loading and unloading work

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