Armstrong Equipment Inc.

Now has the one and only Cat Pump.

This pump is great for those who need gas powered pressure washer performance from a 12 VDC highly compact package

Armstrong Equipment Inc.

Carries washdown pump options for those who may need a Stainless Steel option or those who need a cast iron wet end with a cast iron impeller.

All pumps are mounted to our Leeson 12 VDC motor

Armstrong Equipment Inc.
Is proud to announce:

GatorLock Cam-Lever Couplings.

The simple solution to your cam and groove coupler locking needs. No additional velcro straps or plastic contraptions required.

Just a simple two button lock that works!



Armstrong Equipment Inc.
Is proud to announce
custom fabricated Aluminum Oil Tanks.


Available in 4 and 6 Quart Capacity.

Call For Pricing!

Armstrong Equipment Inc. Is proud to announce Pro-Clipse custom formulated industrial vacuum hose.


The Pro-Clipse vacuum hose offers a unique durability and flexabilty that our Grease Reclaimers and Portable Restroom Operators demand.

Available in most common hose lengths.

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• Schedule 40 Pipe Fittings.

-A Visual Guide for Identifacation-


Armstrong Equipment Inc. can help provide those final pieces to complete your job.

  • Oil Tanks of all shapes and sizes.

    -Replacements or upgrades-


 • Aluminum: 4, 5 or 6 Quart Capacities

 • Steel 4 or 5 Quart Capacity

 • Plastic OEM Replacements



    • Aluminum S450A slide-In Unit Install.

        -Business in a box-